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Great News about the Charlestown Breachway!

By Rob Lyons
updated 5/23/2014

For all those boater’s who access Ninigret Pond through the Charlestown Breachway or those who feared going through it, we have great news. Thanks to the efforts of the Town of Charlestown, RI Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) and FEMA the entrance to the Charlestown Breachway has been dredged, over 200 cubic yards of rocks and 2000 cubic yards of sand have been removed.

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After Hurricane Sandy, attention was given to rocks that had fallen off the breachway walls and to a dangerous sandbar that formed outside the inlet. Through the efforts of Charlestown GIS Specialist, Stephen McCandless and RI CRMC Dredge coordinator, Dan Goulet, along with other staff members, they were successful in securing funding through FEMA. In addition, the Town of Charlestown, funded additional resources to remove existing rocks that had plagued the entrance of the breachway since its original construction.
Caution should always be observed when navigating through any inlet.

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Latest News Regarding the Channel Work

By Rob Lyons
updated 2/10/2014

The big question I get asked the most is what is happening with the Charlestown Breachway. As many of you know, RI CRMC and the Town of Charlestown have been involved in a project to remove rocks and sand from the mouth of the Breachway since last Spring. As of today the work has not started. This project is funded through FEMA as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. It was anticipated that the work would have commenced last summer but the scope of the project was expanded to address the shoaling that formed outside the mouth of the Breachway. The additional work created some contractual and funding issues that had to be resolved.

At this time, I am pleased to announce that these issues have been resolved and a contract has been awarded. It’s anticipated the work will be performed in April of this year, well before the beginning of the boating season. Obviously, this project is weather dependent. We’ll keep you updated with our Facebook feed that can be viewed on the lower left hand corner of our website’s home page.

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