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Driving Directions:
60 Town Dock Rd. Charlestown, RI 02813
Phone: 401-364-6040
Fax: 401-364-8956
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Directions by sea:

Via the Charlestown Breachway Make a straight approach to the entrance of Charlestown Breachway from at least a 1/4 mile offshore. Be cautious of surf as you enter breachway. Best time to navigate the breachway is on the flood tide. Please allow any outgoing traffic to clear the mouth before making your approach.

Proceed through the breachway keeping your vessel as close to center as possible. As you proceed North you need to bear right towards the Launch ramp, just past the campground on the East Bank.
Continue proceeding North past the ramp along the East Bank approximately 50 feet from shore.


Follow the channel markers that will direct you to the West across the upper section of the Settling Basin. Once you reach the west bank you will parallel the shore heading for a new set of channel markers.

As you start to enter the pond you will notice a pair of buoys that direct you around the west end of a sunken barge. The channel will slowly turn right parrellel to the sandbar to the North. Continue following the channel bouys and the PVC pipes to the end of the channel.

Now that you’re in the pond, you will head west keeping the sand delta safely to your south. After passing a small island on your north side you will notice the pond opening to the north. Stay in the middle of he pond and head north. You will see the Marina.

The best place to tie up is at the Gas Dock. The Gas Dock is located on the permanent dock on west side of Marina.

Caution: Navigating the Breachway can be dangerous. The combination of strong currents and wave action can result in unpredictable conditions. The Marina monitors VHF Channel 9. Please call if you need assistance.