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A Guide to Financing Your New Boat or New Motor

When considering a marine purchase, there are several options for funding. We want to ensure that you’re informed in your decision and have all the options in front of you for consideration when it comes to financing your marine purchase. Therefore, we’ve created this guide to outline your marine financing options. 

Yamaha Financial Services 

A financing partner that we use regularly, Yamaha Financial Services offers prime installment financing with terms as low as 84 months and up to 180 months on new and used Yamaha outboard motors and boats sold with Yamaha outboard motors. A tiered program, Yamaha Financial Services works with your credit score to determine your interest rate upon approval.  This program offers both full (without down payment) and partial (with down payment) financing packages.

Yamaha Card 

The Yamaha credit card offers consumers a way to finance their outboard purchase.  The program is easy to apply for, has a fast approval process and offers financing options on new and used Yamaha purchases, accessories and service. Repowers are the driving factor for this financing opportunity. 

Preferred Personal Financial Institution 

Consumers can obtain their own funding from their personal financial institution. Whether this is their personal bank or a local credit union, there are many options for consideration. One can arrange a direct loan, a line of credit purchase or a second mortgage to obtain the funds for a boat purchase. Of course, good old-fashioned cash is also an acceptable form of payment! In any case, when financing with a personal financial institution, the buyer is responsible for providing the funds to the seller, either in a certified check or via direct wire transfer. 

Purchasing a new/used boat or a new motor(s) can become a reality. There are several financial options that help consumers afford this dream. No matter what avenue is best, our team of experts will provide whatever assistance we can to aid in this process and get you on the water.

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