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Boat Buying Stressors

For over 35 years we have worked with boat buyers to get them on the water while also ensuring that their purchase journey is seamless. Working so closely with our family of boaters, we have established a keen awareness of what pain points buyers anticipate. Our goal, however, is to alleviate these concerns. 

Boat Registrations 

We get it – registering your boat is just one more thing to add to your plate. When you plan to use your boat in Rhode Island, we can process your registrations and title with the Department of Environmental Management for you. The only thing we need from you is your signature on the applications. 

If you’re registering your boat outside of Rhode Island, although we will not be able to process the registration on your behalf, we will be sure to prepare your registration and titling packet. When you leave our offices upon your boat closing, you will have all documentation needed to obtain your boat title and boat registration. 

If a trailer is included in your purchased package, a registration packet will be prepared for you. This will include all registration applications, forms, and ownership documentation to obtain your registration certificate and a plate. Please note, regardless of the state of registration, we do not have the ability to register trailers on a customer’s behalf.    

Sales Tax 

Lucky for Rhode Island boaters, there is zero sales tax on boat purchases. To register your boat in Rhode Island, you must trailer, store, or moor the boat in Rhode Island. Other states have different sales tax laws for boat purchases. Please be sure to check with your respective state if you’re planning to conduct your boating outside of Rhode Island. 

Sales tax does apply to trailers. Rhode Island sales tax will be included in the quote provided to you. Upon closing, we will collect sales tax for the trailer from you here at our dealership. No matter where you’re registering, sales tax should not be collected from you a second time. 

Sales tax also applies to outboards that are not purchased as part of new boat packages (i.e. repowers, portable, etc.). Rhode Island sales tax will be collected upon closing at our dealership. 


If you are planning to finance your purchase let us know. We have in-house options that we can discuss with you. We will also act as a resource and someone to guide you through the financing process. 

Hands-On Boating Orientation/Refresher 

Are you new to boating or has it been a while since you’ve been on the water? We understand. No reason to worry – safety is most important to us. Therefore, before you take your boat home, we require a hands-on orientation with your dedicated Salesperson. This is to review the operation of the boat including features and electronics, operation, docking, etc. We will request to know if there is anything that is causing particular anxiety to you, so we can focus on ensuring comfort and confidence on the water. 

Understanding Seasonal Service Costs  

Understanding seasonal service costs can feel a bit daunting for those who are not familiar with boat maintenance. We realize the desire to understand boat ownership full-picture. Therefore, we have created service request forms that include price estimates. These can be found under the service page of our website and are broken down by spring and winter services. Our sales and service teams will also be sure to answer any questions you may have regarding spring commissioning & winterization. 

Our goal is to relieve apprehensions surrounding a boat purchase allowing ease and excitement for your newest adventure. Boating is intended to be a fun activity and the journey to purchase should reflect that as well.

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