Guide to Winter Repowers


When is the best time to repower?

With the cooler weather moving in and winter on our doorstep, now is the best time to repower, and Yamaha is currently offering their best promotional incentives of the year.


Can I use my existing rigging components if they are still good?

With the purchase of a new outboard, an OHM team member will evaluate the compatibility of your existing rigging components to determine the best fit for your individual repower.


What are the benefits of a stainless prop?

A stainless prop is recommended on most applications, F150 and higher. Performance benefits include, reducing prop flex, better hole shot and enables the boat to plane more quickly. In addition, Yamaha’s full line up of Reliance and Saltwater Series II propellers utilize its own proprietary Shift Dampening Series (SDS) technology. This technology promotes smooth and effortless throttle engagement, both in and out of gear.


What are the benefits of digital controls over mechanical?

Digital controls require less moving parts and the need to replace control cables. Throttle operation is smoother and the outboard is joystick compliant. Digital controls also enable the RPM’s to synchronize while the vessel is in operation with two or more Yamaha outboards. This also provides a smoother throttle response and effortless shifting while in gear.


Why choose Yamaha over other outboard brands?

Yamaha - longevity, efficiency, reliability. Since we opened our doors in 1983, Ocean House Marina has sold and serviced several brands of outboard motors. After decades of experience with outboard sales, Yamaha has emerged as the leader in performance and longevity. We proudly stand by Yamaha and its commitment to be the best.

Repower Testimonials

“Great dealer, service, and engines. I currently own and operate five Yamahas. Zero BS, 8-250HP.”

- Bob N., 8MSH, 70TLR, F70LA, F90LB, F250TXR

“I shopped three dealers. Ocean House Marina was the most professional/knowledgeable of all of them.”

- Michael R., F70LA