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Ocean House Marina’s Summer 2019 Newsletter

Boating to the Block
Block Island, an eleven-square-mile glacial till lies 12 miles south of Port Judith, Rhode Island, and 14 miles east of Montauk, New York. The island, officially known as the town of New Shoreham, is home to about 850 full-time residents, but hosts as many as 20,000 visitors in the summer.Many of those visitors arrive by boat, either from the regular ferry service from Rhode Island, or on the
many private boats that tie up or anchor in the protected waters of the Great Salt Pond.
Also known as New Harbor, to differentiate it from Old Harbor, where the ferries dock, this protected sanctuary is a mile long and a half-mile wide and provides good shelter from most of the weather conditions that affect this tiny Block in the middle of the sea. Experienced captains know to check the weather forecasts before heading out to Block Island, and to keep an eye peeled for storms that can quickly crop up. It’s an easy trip when conditions are nice, but can be a horrible experience in high wind and waves.
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The New Regulator 26XO
A Machine Designed for Fishing… and Fun
Every now and then a new boat comes along that catches our eye. Sometimes it’s the engineering. Or the design. Or the range of features and amenities onboard. Whatever “it” is, it makes us say “wow.” And we knew right away that the
brand new Regulator 26XO would be the perfect fit for our area and for many of our boating customers.
This center console crossover boat is a Regulator–one look at its graceful sheer and radiused transom tells you that–but it’s designed for versatility. It’ll take you into shallow bays and inlets for some skinny water casting…and it will handle a fast run in the open sea with comfort and stability.
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How To:
Selling Your Boat Privately
Ocean House Marina is a full-service sales and brokerage dealership. We sell boats-new and used–every week. If you’ve got a boat to sell, check with us first. We can probably help you find a buyer and complete a sale.
But note we said ‘probably.’ We understand that there are times when we cannot help a customer sell his boat.
Maybe it’s a brand we do not usually deal with and, therefore, do not have a ready market for. Maybe you wish to avoid the added brokerage fees. There are lots of reasons why you might prefer to sell your boat privately, on your own. And that’s fine with us. We still want to help! Here are some good tips on how to sell your boat in the private marketplace.
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First Look at
Yamaha’s New Small Outboards-F20 & T25
Yamaha has unveiled two new models in smaller outboards, engines designed to move dinghies, tenders, and skiffs; and even, with the new T25 outboard, heavier boats and even sailboats.
Let’s take a look at some of the features of these new outboards.
First, each of these models is configured to use Yamaha’s battery-less EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology, which means they can be started the old-fashioned way…with a rope pull. Of course, each model can also be connected to an onboard battery and started electronically. But it’s good to know that if a battery fails, the engine can still start, usually with a single pull.
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Scout’s New 235 Dorado
Another winner from Scout!
Since its launch in 1990, Scout has built a name as a quality manufacturer of solid, well-designed and well-built watercraft that work as platforms for both fishing and family fun.
The new Scout Dorado 235 is the latest in this line that is sure to deliver for its buyers.
This boat’s high freeboard and Carolina flare will deliver a steady, solid and dry ride, even in the heaviest conditions. Scout’s famous curved windshield and the dual console on this boat provide both comfort and ease of movement for your passengers.
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