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Repowering Your Boat

That “once new” outboard is starting to age. She ran like a champ for years , but as with anything, time has taken its toll and your engine may not be operating at peak efficiency.

 You feel a bit disloyal, but it could be time to consider trading her in for a new model. Beyond the expense, repowering may feel a bit daunting. You realize the benefits, but you are also aware of the breadth of the project scope. 

Ocean House Marina is  here to support you! Our rigging team includes Yamaha Certified Master Mechanics, a prestigious level of outboard mechanics mastery earned through a rigorous training program. Earning this distinction distinguishes them as the best outboard mechanics in the industry. You can rest at ease knowing that your baby is entrusted in the most-qualified hands. 

Ocean House Marina is a Yamaha Outboards exclusive dealership. In our early days, we also offered other outboard models and serviced more than the Yamaha name. However, as our experience grew, so did our awareness of Yamaha as the most reliable outboard on the market, offering consumers reliability, performance and longevity. Therefore, we took a leap of faith to sell and service Yamaha exclusively, and we haven’t looked back. We are confident that you too will feel just as strongly as we do about this line of products. With fuel-efficiency, constant-innovation, and a superior level of quality, we are proud to call Yamaha one of our greatest partners.

What does the repower process look like?

Based on your boat, we will work with you to select the best outboard to suit your boating needs. You will be provided a thorough cost estimate of the rigging work we anticipate will be needed. This will give you an idea of the total cost for the project. With that said, sometimes we run into work that is unanticipated. In these special cases, our service department will communicate with  you and suggest a plan of action and also provide estimated costs for additional work. Rigging work gets scheduled based on our current availability with consideration to your desired timeline for delivery.

When is the best time to arrange for a repower?

The best time to coordinate a repower is in the fall or the beginning of winter. Typically, we find that Yamaha offers their best promotions during this time. These sales events may include extended warranty coverage and additional savings on eligible models. This will also ensure that you’re at the front of the line for our rigging schedule. Once boat show season hits, things can get a little hectic around here. Not only is our service department working on repowers and electronics upgrades, but we’re also starting to get customer boats commissioned for the upcoming season.

As always, our sales team stands ready to discuss your power needs. If you think it may be time for an upgrade, stop by and see us.  

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