Repower With Us

5-Star Yamaha Exclusive Dealership

Why should you repower your boat with a Yamaha Outboard from Ocean House Marina?

Ocean House Marina has a team of Yamaha certified Master Mechanics and repower experts with over 35 years of outboard installation experience. Having dedicated Master Mechanics to complete the rigging for your repower is a major strength. Master Mechanics endure comprehensive training programs to achieve this prestigious level of mechanics mastery. The staff at Ocean House has consistently placed among the highest rated 5-star dealerships in customer satisfaction.They are strictly an outboard dealership who services and maintains over 700 outboards every year. They will earn your business with their expertise and experience.

Yamaha outboards are the most reliable power choice you have when deciding which outboard to purchase. When it comes to reliability and longevity no one beats a Yamaha four-stroke motor. Your Yamaha will impress you with its ability to keep you on the water and out of the repair shop,which equals less money and less frustration. Plain and simple, Yamahas last longer, saving you more money and providing for much higher resale value.