Winter Request Form

Winter Prep List

In order to help us prepare your boat & engine for a winterization and storage, there are a few things you can do to save you time & money. The following is a list of things that a boat owner should do before leaving the boat with us for the winter season.

  • Remove all garbage, food items, personal gear, including towels, clothing, and paper goods. Where possible remove cabin cushions. Mice love these things and neither your insurance company nor Ocean House Marina are responsible for varmint damage.
  • Empty Water Systems- After October 1st all water tanks and hoses should be drained, early freeze ups prior to our staff getting to your boat can cause damage.
  • Porta Potties and Holding Tanks should be kept emptied after October 1st. Ocean House Marina has a dockside pump out and Porta Pottie station. Avoid extra charges by doing this yourself.
  • Keys, whereas we have recorded many of your key numbers, we don’t have all of them including padlocks and cabin keys. Make sure our staff has your key numbers or a set of keys.
  • Dock lines and fenders. Please leave a set of dock lines and fenders on board so that we can tie off boats in the spring.
  • Wash Topsides.
  • Stabilize fuel before your last trip. This will allow the treated fuel to pass through the entire fuel system and save you money. Please inform us that you have performed this. Note: do not top off fuel. The current suggestion is to leave fuel systems as empty as possible.