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First Look at Yamaha’s New Small Outboards

Yamaha has unveiled two new models in smaller outboards, engines designed to move dinghies, tenders, and skiffs; and even, with the new T25 outboard, heavier boats and even sailboats.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of these new outboards.

First, each of these models is configured to use Yamaha’s battery-less EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology, which means they can be started the old-fashioned way…with a rope pull. Of course, each model can also be connected to an onboard battery and started electronically. But it’s good to know that if a battery fails, the engine can still start, usually with a single pull.

The portable F20, designed for boats requiring up to 20hp, is loaded with customizable options, so you can get a near-perfect fit for your needs. You can run the engine with the tiller controls, or hook it up to a remote control system, with or without power trim, and in two sizes of shaft length, fifteen or twenty inches.

Fishermen will appreciate the Variable Trolling Control (again, used either on the tiller handle or via a remote system), which adjusts the RPMs from 750 to 1050 in 50 rpm increments. The alternator produces up to 16 amps (which will help keep that battery charged), and the outboard’s built-in carry handles makes getting it off and on the boat much easier.

The T25 is designed for heavier loads (the “T” stands for Thrust). This model comes with a heavier duty Yamaha Duel Thrust propellor, made with larger diameter, lower pitch aluminum blades. The Dual Thrust system is designed to re-route exhaust in the direction of the thrust so that the prop is not operating in exhaust gas in reverse gear. This gives the prop much better bite when backing down, and better control when maneuvering in reverse.

The T25 with a 20-inch shaft comes with a 10.625 x 8.25-inch Dual Thrust prop that’s a good match for pontoon and lighter boats. The 25-inch version has a 10.625 x 6.75-inch Dual Thrust prop intended for very large kicker applications, such as heavy-gauge aluminum boats or a heavy sailboat.

Best of all, the new T25 model is a full 60 pounds lighter than the previous model, making it easier to handle and install.

Both of these new Yamahas are versatile, customizable, dependable and a great investment for years of solid performance. Stop by Ocean House Marina and take a look at either of these great new outboards.

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