Boat Brokerage Service

Looking to upgrade or sell your boat? Along with our new boat inventory, we also offer a comprehensive brokerage service. All brokered boats must be outboard powered (preferably Yamaha), in good running condition. If you have not serviced your boat with Ocean House Marina a $400 survey fee will be charged to the seller for the performance of a compression test and boat survey. In order for us to consider listing your boat, please be prepared with copies of the following documents and items related to the vessel:

  • Boat Title
    1. Boats are titled if they are over 14’ in Rhode Island. If they are under 14’ they will not have a title.
    2. If the boat is registered in Connecticut, the boat will be title if it was purchased in 2017 or later.
    3. If there is a lien on the boat, the title will not be in the seller’s possession, however, all payoff information must be provided to our Office Manager, Barbara Fisher, to be verified.
  • Current Boat Registration  
    1. Please provide us with your most recent boat registration
  • Current Outboard Registration
    1. An outboard registration is only applicable if your boat is registered in Rhode Island.
  • Current Trailer Registration (if a trailer is part of the for sale package)
    1. We require trailer registrations for all brokered boats. If the trailer has never been registered, a new buyer cannot register the trailer in their name for legal use upon sale.
  • Trailer Title
    1. A trailer has a title if it weighs more than 3,000 lbs. If it is under 3,000 lbs there will not be a title.
  • The Boat Bag/ Any manuals
    1. Boat Manual
    2. Outboard Manual
    3. Electronics Manual(s)  
    4. The boat bag is usually provided to a new owner and contains the boat, outboard and electronics manuals. A used boat with the original bag & manuals is always greatly appreciated by the new owner. Please note, some older boats will not have a boat bag, but may have original manuals.
  • Keys
    1. We ask that we’re provided with a set of keys, especially because once we have a deposit a sea trial is likely to occur.  

Please be aware, the originals for the documents listed above will need to be provided upon the sale of the vessel. Some of these documents will require the signature of the seller upon relinquishing to Ocean House Marina for the new buyer. If you are not local full-time it is helpful for the originals to be provided upon listing the boat to ensure a quick closing upon agreement & sale.
If you cannot locate your title, please let us know so we can assist you in applying for a duplicate. All trailers must have proof of registration to qualify for resale.

Ocean House Marina Brokerage Process:

  1. Ocean House Marina determines if the prospective seller’s boat fits into the company’s product line  
  2. OHM will review service records and engine hours if boat has been serviced by Ocean House Marina
  3. If boat has not been serviced by Ocean House Marina a $400 survey will be assessed to perform a survey and compression test
  4. The OHM appointed listing broker will determine a fair market value for the boat using NADA appraisal & comparative sales analysis
  5. The OHM appointed listing broker will explain the terms of the listing agreement and the terms of our storage policy
  6. Ocean House Marina’s Sales Coordinator will be in touch to collect necessary paperwork
  7. A listing agreement, including the storage policy, will be drafted via YachtCloser (an online brokerage platform) & will be sent to seller & co-seller (if applicable) for electronic signature(s).
  8. Once a signed listing agreement is obtained and all required documents & items are provided by the seller, the sales department will take photos of the boat & the boat will be listed online:
    1. OHM Website
    2. YachtWorld
    4. BoatTrader
  9. All showings will be conducted by the Ocean House Marina sales staff
  10. Once an offer is extended the offer will be communicated to the seller and a decision can be made whether to counter or accept.
  11. Once an agreement is reached, Ocean House Marina will complete and process all closing paperwork, along with hold an in-office closing and delivery for the buyer; seller will be required to sign a bill of sale & the back of the title(s) to process registration.