Regulator is our flagship boat and the boat we choose on a personal level. Regulator’s line of center console sportfishing boats is unmatched in quality and consistently provides an unrivaled vessel. When you purchase a Regulator, you know you are also getting reliability and peace of mind. Paired with the best outboard brand on the market, Regulator and Yamaha have created an unparalleled partnership.

This is the boat to choose if you are looking for an adventurous life on the water. One of island hopping or weekends to Block Island, Nantucket, or Martha’s Vineyard. Or, if you’re looking to fulfill that offshore urge, Regulator will get you to your secret spot quickly with more time to fish. Regardless of focus, Regulator builds a line that balances family and fishing.

Regulator is a family owned and operated boat manufacturer. The company stands on the pillars of safety, integrity, personal accountability, and stewardship. They hold these values in the highest regard and impress them upon each and every boat that they intricately craft. This is Regulator’s pride and joy and it is evidently visible with each finished product. Cared for like their most valued vessel, each boat is documented from start to finish. Most specially, each buyer receives photo updates throughout the boat build process. Similar to sonograms, one can witness the progression of an idea on a build sheet to their most prized family heirloom.

Size Range: 23’ – 41’      

“LOVE that it is designed to be a great family boat without giving up on hard core fishing.” – Joe L.

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