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New Engines In Stock

We have an extensive range of Yamaha Engines In-Stock Now! If you don’t see what you are looking for, we can order the engine you want and have it ready for this year’s boating season!

Motor ModelStock UnitsDescriptionColorShaft LengthRotationControlsSteering
F300NSB224.2L V6 OffshoreWhite25″/30″/35″Right or LeftDigital Electronic ControlsDigital Electric Steering
F300NCB24.2L V6 OffshoreGray25″/30″/35″Right or LeftDigital Electronic ControlsLate Stage Customization
LF300XCB14.2L V6 OffshoreGray25″LeftDigital Electronic ControlsLate Stage Customization
F250XB14.2L V6 OffshoreGray25″RightMechanicalMechanical or Power Assist
LF250XB14.2L V6 OffshoreGray25″LeftMechanicalMechanical or Power Assist
F200XSA21In-Line Four 2.8LWhite25″RightDigital Electronic ControlsDigital Electric Steering
LF200XSA21In-Line Four 2.8LWhite25″LeftDigital Electronic ControlsDigital Electric Steering
F200XCA1In-Line Four 2.8LGray25″RightDigital Electronic ControlsMechanical or Power Assit
F200XC1In-Line Four 2.8LGray25″RightMechanicalIntegrated Hydraulic
LF200XC2In-Line Four 2.8LGray25″RightMechanicalIntegrated Hydraulic
F150XC2In-Line Four 2.7LGray25″RightMechanicalIntegrated Hydraulic
*Late Stage Customization motor are compatible with either Yamaha Electric bolt on steering or standard hydraulic steering systems, giving the option to you existing systems or upgrade to full Helm Master EX Control
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